I believe that good design through urban planning is essential to building strong, healthy communities. 

In this video, Jason from “Not Just Bikes” gives a concise introduction to good and bad urban design. This video is a perfect primer on the topic.

Our modern urban design problems have their origin in the advent of the American automobile industry.

This short video proves that even among engineers, “progress” is just a buzzword. 


Modern American towns are not just soulless to look at, but they’re financially insolvent. 

Land of the free? 

Something is rotten, but not in the state of Denmark!

Can we take our freedom back?

Here are two inspiring examples of people doing just that:

Below is a podcast episode by Charles Marohn, founder of “Strong Towns”, a non-profit dedicated to restoring good design to American towns. In 2022, he visited Hawaii, where I was raised and live. Listen to his experience:

Perhaps there's hope yet...

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